Offline Installation of Armory on Tails and Ubuntu Linux


Armory supports cold storage through offline transaction signing. This technique allows funds to be spent without exposing private keys to network-based attacks. Offline signing requires two computer systems - one with an Internet connection, and one without.

Installing Armory on an Internet-connected computer is relatively easy, but installation on an offline computer is much more difficult. The problem comes down to dependencies; online computers can automatically download them, but offline computers must be given dependencies as files on a removable medium. Armory offers an offline bundle designed to simplify the process of offline installation on Ubuntu 12.04. However, some users, including myself, ran into problems using it. Moreover, some situations call for installing Armory on other Linux systems.

What's needed is a simple procedure for creating an Armory offline bundle on arbitrary Linux systems. This article gives procedures for Ubuntu 14.04 and Tails 1.3.